Between The Lines

Degree Show Work, 22nd May 2020.

This series utilises ten official documents discussing the COVID-19 pandemic, from the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Through digital editing I have erased parts of the text, in an effort to turn impersonal government correspondence into intimate confessional letters. This idea is rooted in my desire for leaders such as, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, to display genuine empathy in discourse. During a time when we are unable to be physically close to each other, it has revealed how important language is in maintaining connection. There is a poetic exchange of some kind happening, but it is open for interpretation who these letters are to, what they're about, and what date they were sent. Relating to the uncertainty, lack of structure and warping of time that I feel during lockdown. The text floats in a white void, with only words to fill the absence.

There is something seductive about the idea of an erased truth lurking between the lines… Erasure is never merely a matter of making things disappear: there is always some detritus strewn about in the aftermath, some bruising to the surface from which word or image has been removed, some reminder of the violence done to make the world look new again. - Brian Dillon

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