Eleanor Money


Fine Art Critical Practice

   Brighton & Surrey


Artist's Statement

My work aims to delineate the human experience by addressing intimate themes such as love, loss, memory and death. Articulating these concepts in visual form, often through film, installation and documentation. My practice is influenced by artists such as Keith Arnatt, Bill Viola and Ana Mendieta. The subject matter of their work offers an insight into mortality, preservation and the corporeal, while inventively realising these themes through different media. Ernest Becker’s book, Denial of Death (1973), has informed my practice through an exploration of the symbolic human defence mechanism against the knowledge of our mortality. 

My work explores questions about life, which have stemmed from personal loss. This began with a sculptural piece, Death’s Door, in which a door was laid on the ground and lit from underneath, suggesting a gateway to the underworld, and progressed to my placement working with people affected by dementia. I have built on this research and experimentation to gain an understanding of how art plays a valuable role in translating the internal, intangible, challenging parts of personhood, into visible, poetic artworks, with the aim of catharsis for myself, and the potential for the work to speak to those with similar experiences. 

Currently I am looking at how important connection is during these isolating times, and the role that language plays in transcending physical barriers and absence. 

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